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Grape Wine Rejuvenating Peel Treatment


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Grape Wine Peel

Q: What is the Grape Wine Rejuvenating Peel?
A: It is a non-Irritating rapid exfoliator. Contain 20% of multi-fruit acid complex made with Grape Wine and fresh fruit pulp gently exfoliates the epidermis while wine polyphenols and resveratrol. A natural physiological process to remove aging skin deep, high antioxidant activity, revealing new skin cells, naturally slough off, and reveal new skin cells.
Q: What makes the Skin Element Grape Wine Rejuvenating Peel different?
A: Skin Element Grape Wine Rejuvenating Peel is a “natural” alternative to harsh glycolic acid and salicylic acid peel. Let you experience the benefits of skin renew without the high irritation (stinging, burning, itching &redness) commonly associated with type of product.
Q: What are the special benefits from Grape wine?
A: There are many medical findings that claim wines that are made of grapes are beneficial to one's health. Resveratrol, found in grape skins and seeds. Resveratrol is an exciting polyphenol which has been in the news a great deal for potential anti-cancer and anti-aging benefits rich in source of antioxidants.
Q: What can I expect the after treatment result?
A: Wine therapy to stimulate the microcirculation and collagen production, promoting metabolism and excretion of toxins within the connective tissue, for cause skin aging, sun damage reasons, in-depth skin and inhibit the wrinkles, to non-surgical wrinkle removal anti-aging skin soft, delicate, color uniformity, to improve large pores, promote collagen and elastin production. Significant effects after use.
Q: Suitable for what skin type?
A: All skin type, except sensitive skin condition.
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